Behavior Management Chart

January 14, 2012 at 7:09 am (The Preschool Files)

My class was already familiar with the traffic light system for behavior management when I started working with them. So my system is really only a tweak of that. I took some black posterboard and glued four foam squares to it – from top to bottom: green, yellow, orange, red. Then I wrote each child’s name on a clothespin.


The kids start each day with  their pins on green. I try to use a “three strikes” approach with them – remind them of the rule they are forgetting and say “that’s 1; if I have to get on to you for that 3 times, we have to move your name.” That works well for things that don’t pose a risk for injury – dangerous behaviors only get one warning.


At the end of each day, everyone who stays on green gets to pick a prize from the treasure box. Yes, that’s just a box of candy. With most of the class getting to pick something everyday, candy is the cheapest option for me. A $4 bag of candy looks like it may last me a couple months (if I can stay out of it myself!)

But candy isn’t the only reward system in my classroom. After all, everybody has a bad day now and then and may wind up on yellow.  So I keep track of the red lights throughout the week (and those have been very rare). Everyone who stays off of red all week long gets to bring one toy from home on Friday for show and tell. Everyone gets a chance on Friday morning to show and tell, and if we have a good morning Friday (stay off orange and red), they get to play with those toys Friday afternoon.

The system seems to be working pretty well for us.


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